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As you peruse the posts on this site, obviously the main theme is early CDs. Often times, posts focus on rare pressings, and sometimes, an unusual or unexpected pressing. With this post, we consider the unusual or unexpected.

By the time Blue Note jazz CDs were released in the U.S., in the mid-1980s, several domestic pressing plants had opened. As a result, most of these earliest U.S. issues were pressed in the land of the Red, White, and Blue. In a hobby where early Japanese and West German are sought, these U.S. Blue Note discs are not considered too exciting by collectors. For the collectors, early Japanese Blue Note CDs, some dating back to 1982, are in demand (especially if the obi strip is included). There are, however, a few exceptions when it comes to U.S. Blue Note discs. Let’s look at one such disc.

1965 saw jazz piano great Herbie Hancock release one of his early classics, Maiden Voyage. Hancock is joined on this five-track effort by Ron Carter on bass, Tony Williams on drums, Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, and George Coleman on tenor sax. As a point of reference, and connecting back to an earlier comment, a sealed first Japanese issue of Maiden Voyage was posted here in 2015 — go here.

Maiden Voyage was released on CD in the U.S. in 1986 under catalog number CDP 7 46339 2. While most copies of this U.S. issue of Maiden Voyage were pressed in the U.S., there are rare Japanese and West German pressings. Here we consider the West German pressing, which again, is unusual for a U.S. Blue Note issue.  (It should be noted that early European Blue Note discs share the same catalog numbers, so these discs could be considered U.S. and European issues.)

The West German Maiden Voyage disc was pressed by Sonopress, as identified in the mirror band. The matrix information is “SONOPRESS C-7661/CDP 74633392 B”. The disc has “Made in W. Germany” printed at 8 o’clock, and the inserts were printed in West Germany. The inserts are dated 1986. The label design mimics the traditional Blue Note LP label. While the LP label is typically blue on white, the CD has blue over aluminum (no white paint coating).

Overall, copies of Maiden Voyage bearing the original U.S. catalog number are not rare. You will most likely find U.S. pressings, but with some effort, the Japan- and West German-for-U.S. pressings can be located, most likely online.

Shown below are the inserts for the U.S. issue of Maiden Voyage, along with the West German pressing.


The cover for the original U.S. issue of Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage (Blue Note, catalog number CDP 7 46339 2). This is the standard cover artwork for this album, though many releases have a green section along the top instead of brown.


The back insert for the West German pressing of Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage (Blue Note, catalog number CDP 7 46339 2). The insert is dated 1986 along the bottom and also states “Made in W. Germany”.


The West German pressing of Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage (Blue Note, catalog number CDP 7 46339 2). The disc states “Made in W. Germany” at 8 o’clock, and the matrix code is “SONOPRESS C-7661/CDP 74633392 B”.

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