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http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ buy no perscription soma As we approach the Independence Day holiday in the United States, let’s further the celebration by considering an early and rare U.S. pressing.  And, in keeping with the theme, let’s also consider an album that, at least in part, features the U.S.A. Behold the 1979 rock blockbuster by Supertramp, Breakfast in America. Yes, Supertramp is a British rock band (formed in London in 1969). Putting that aside, the album is America-themed, and comically at that. Take the album’s cover, which features a diner-ware tribute to New York City and a stereotypical diner waitress posing as the Statue of Liberty.

http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ soma overnight delivery only The brilliant music aside (10 excellent songs), Breakfast in America is a hit for collectors of early CDs. The album was released on CD by A&M Records in the mid-’80s in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. The U.S. and European markets each saw Japanese and West German pressings, with some of these pressings specific to a particular market. Looking at the U.S. releases, there is a very rare Japanese CBS/Sony pressing released under catalog number CD-3708 and bearing “DIDX-26” in the matrix code. Collectors should be thrilled upon finding this rarity, but a similar pressing that is also quite rare, and perhaps underappreciated, is the subsequent early U.S. DADC pressing. The early U.S. DADC pressing is quite similar to the Japanese CBS/Sony pressing. Both bear catalog number CD-3708 and are found with inserts printed with the U.S. and with no barcode on the back insert. The disc label designs are also similar, with an obvious difference being the stated country of manufacture. Similar to the CBS/Sony disc, the U.S. DADC pressing is labeled “DIDX-26” beneath the catalog number and has “DIDX 26” in the matrix code. In typical DADC fashion, the disc has “Made in USA – Digital Audio Corp.” stamped on the plastic ring. The particular copy shown here has matrix code “DIDX 26 11”.

Ordering Tramadol Online Legal Shown below are the cover and back insert found with the early DADC pressing of Breakfast in America, along with the CD. As stated above, this DADC pressing is quite rare. It took me many years to track it down.

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Cheap Tramadol Fast Shipping The cover for the early U.S. DADC pressing of Supertramp Breakfast in America (A&M, catalog number CD-3708). This is the standard cover artwork for this album.

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click The back insert for the early U.S. DADC pressing of Supertramp Breakfast in America (A&M, catalog number CD-3708). There is no barcode. As noted along the bottom, this insert was printed in the U.S.  The catalog number and DIDX number appear along the bottom to the right of the A&M logo.  

Rx Tramadol Online The early U.S. DADC pressing of Supertramp Breakfast in America (A&M, catalog number CD-3708). “Made in U.S.A.” is printed at 6 o’clock. The catalog number and “DIDX-26” appear beneath the A&M logo. The disc has “Made in USA – Digital Audio Disc Corp.” stamped on the plastic ring, and the matrix code is “DIDX 26 11”. Comments are closed.


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