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One of my favorite songwriters died a little over a week ago.  The world lost Dan Fogelberg on December 16th.  He was just 56.  I thought I would take this opportunity to remember Fogelberg with a post here.  Now, I realize that this tribute in no way does justice to the great talent that Dan Fogelberg possessed, but I hope that it helps you focus more on the wonderful music he gave us and less on his passing.

My favorite Fogelberg song is “Leader of the Band”, off his 1980 album The Innocent Age.  The song was inspired by his father, himself a musician.  The solemn, heartfelt lyrics and music made me feel as though I was close to Fogelberg, as though I knew him.  That is a unique quality that I felt Dan Fogelberg brought to his music.

Provided below are pictures of some of my favorite early Dan Fogelberg CDs.  Perhaps these albums showcase some of your favorite works from the Fogelberg catalog.


The original Japanese issue of Dan Fogelberg Greatest Hits (Epic/Sony, catalog number 32 8P-203).


The original Japanese CBS/Sony pressing of Dan Fogelberg Souvenirs for the U.S. market (Epic, catalog number EK 33137).


The original Japanese CBS/Sony pressing of Dan Fogelberg Phoenix for the U.S. market (Epic, catalog number EK 35634).


The original Japanese issue of Dan Fogelberg The Innocent Age (Epic/Sony, catalog number 50 8P-48-9).  Shown is disc one of the two-disc set.

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