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I began collecting Target CDs nearly nine years ago.  For the past few years, I have often convinced myself that I have seen every significant Target pressing variation there is to see.  Then, just when I think that collecting Target CDs is destined to be a ho-hum, been-there-done-that experience and it’s time to move on to something else, an unusual variation I have never seen comes along.  This keeps happening!  Yes, it happens less frequently now then it did a few years ago, but it still happens.  Enter our latest entry on  A West German Target CD of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, catalog number 19130-2) with black text on the disc face instead of the common silver text.  Given that many West German Target pressings of Houses of the Holy show up for sale online, I was shocked to first stumble upon this black-text variation only a couple of months ago.  Let’s look into the details of this unusual pressing.

With the exception of the black text replacing silver, this Target CD is identical to the standard West German Target pressing of Houses of the Holy.  Thus, it has the familiar Atlantic color scheme of a red target and green coating.  Furthermore, it has the expected “MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” text printed in green along the perimeter.  The matrix code is “7567 19130-2 2895 383 01 *”, which is identical to the matrix code found on the silver-text pressing in my collection.

The inserts with the black-text pressing were printed in the U.S., and there is no barcode on the back insert.  The silver-text version is typically found with West German inserts lacking a barcode.  The U.S. inserts suggest that the black-text variation was pressed after the silver-text version.  The cover and spine labels are identical for the two Target pressings.

Shown below are pictures of the cover, back insert, and spine label found with the black-text pressing, as well as both the black- and silver-text Target CDs.  It appears that the black-text disc is extremely rare since this is the only copy I have come across, but it will be interesting to see if more copies turn up.

Now have I seen every Target CD variation?


The cover found with the black-text West German Target CD of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, catalog number 19130-2).  The common silver-text version is found with the same cover as are later U.S. Non-Target pressings with catalog number 19130-2.


The back insert for the black-text West German Target CD variation of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, catalog number 19130-2).  “Printed in U.S.A.” is stated along the bottom.  There is no barcode, indicative of an early CD issue.  The back insert for the more common silver-text Target variation in my collection was printed in West Germany and also lacks a barcode.


A spine label for the black-text West German Target CD of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, catalog number 19130-2).  The silver-text Target variation and later U.S. Non-Target pressings with catalog number 19130-2 are found with the same spine label.


The black-text Target variation of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, catalog number 19130-2).  The disc has the typical Atlantic color scheme of a red target and green paint coating.  Note that is has “MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” printed in green along the perimeter.


The standard silver-text Target pressing of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, catalog number 19130-2).  The only difference between the two Target pressings shown here is the color of the text printed on the green coating.

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