Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery The first CD pressing plant to open in the United States was CBS/Sony’s Digital Audio Disc Corporation, or DADC, in Terre Haute, Indiana.  To commemorate the opening of the DADC plant in September 1984, CBS/Sony pressed two promotional titles in very limited quantities.  The discs were then distributed to select members of the media and music industry insiders.  The two commemorative titles were a version of Bruce Springsteen Born in the U.S.A. with red text on the disc instead of black and a collection of early Thomas Edison audio recordings entitled The Edison CD Sampler.

Purchase Tramadol Overnight Featured here is The Edison CD Sampler, and shown below are pictures of the cover and the disc.  The cover shows a photo of Thomas Edison with his Edison Cylinder Phonograph, but in an attempt at humor, the photo was altered to show Edison holding a compact disc.  The back cover of the booklet provides credits and instructions on the proper handling of a compact disc.  The back cover also states the following: “This disc was issued to commemorate the opening of the Digital Audio Disc Corporation: September 21, 1984”.

Tramadol Sale Online Uk As shown below, the disc bears a copyright date of 1984 and is labeled a promotional copy.  This disc represents a very rare piece of history from the introduction of the compact disc.


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go The cover for The Edison CD Sampler. Note that the photo of Thomas Edison has been modified to show him holding a compact disc.  A statement on the the back cover indicates that this disc was issued on September 21, 1984.

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enter The Edison CD Sampler.  The catalog number is ECDS-1, which is shown on the disc at 2 o’clock.  Stamped on the plastic ring is “Made in USA – Digital Audio Disc Corp.”, and the matrix code is “DIDX-135 11A2”.  Beneath the catalog number is the DADC plant ‘D’ logo and the words “Manufactured by Digital Audio Disc Corp. Terre Haute, Indiana, USA”.  Note the promotional statement and the copyright date of 1984 beneath the CD format logo.

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