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July 31st, 2020

This month, we consider a fairly obscure CD from the 1980s. It is the 1986 self-titled album by KBC Band. Never heard of them? Look on YouTube. Perhaps you remember their MTV hit, “America”. In any case, KBC Band was formed by members of Jefferson Airplane, Paul Soma no prescription needed overnight Kantner (guitar, vocals), Marty ONLINE DOCTORS WHO PRESCRIBE Soma ~ ONLINE DOCTOR PRESCRIPTION Soma Balin (vocals), and Jack US Soma FEDEX ~ ONLINE US PHARMACY Soma Casady (bass). The trio released just the one album.

KBC Band was released in 1986 by Arista Records. Its nine tracks include a mix of musical styles, including hard-hitting rock sounds of the era and ballads also typical of the time frame. Many of the songs sound like ’80s hits. Despite the album’s variety and quality play and production, the album saw only modest sales.

Arista released KBC Band on CD in the U.S. under catalog number ARCD 8440. As an indicator of the album’s lack of commercial success, this issue only exists as a Japanese Denon pressing. Had the album seen wider demand, we likely would have seen follow-up U.S. pressings. The Japanese Denon pressing is fairly common. The disc has a typical ’80s Arista label design with blue and black text and no paint coating. The matrix code is stamped in the standard Denon dot-matrix font (“ARCD-8440 1B3 6X” for the copy shown here).

There are two additional points regarding KBC Band for collectors to note. The Japan-for-U.S. CD is typically found as a “cut-out”. The cut-out mark is a saw-cut through a portion of the jewel case and inserts and was done at some point after the initial release to indicate a discounted price. This was done due to a surplus of copies that did not sell at the regular price. If you are a collector, seek a copy without the cut-out mark.

Although an obscure album, there is also a Japanese release of KBC Band from 1986 on Arista. It was released under catalog number 32RD-87 and can be found with an obi strip.

Shown below is cover and back insert for the U.S. issue of KBC Band, along with the Japanese Denon pressing. As noted in the pictures of the inserts, this copy is not a cut-out.


The cover for the U.S. issue of KBC Band (Arista, catalog number ARCD 8440). This is the standard cover artwork for the album.


The back insert for the U.S. issue of KBC Band (Arista, catalog number ARCD 8440). Note the barcode to the right.


The Japanese Denon pressing of KBC Band (Arista, catalog number ARCD 8440). Note the text “Manufactured in Japan for Arista Records, Inc….” at 3 o’clock, below the blue CD format logo. The matrix code is “ARCD-8440 1B3 6X”.

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