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The subject of this entry is a very rare disc that took me years to acquire.  I had never seen a copy available for sale or even a picture of one before actually obtaining it.  It’s the original Japanese pressing of Janis Joplin Pearl for the U.S. market.  The disc was released on the Columbia label under catalog number CK 30322 and was pressed in Japan by CBS/Sony.

If you locate a common U.S. pressing of Pearl with catalog number CK 30322, you will note that the copyright statement on the back insert and back cover of the booklet begins with “Disc manufactured in Japan by CBS/Sony, Tokyo, Japan.”  To account for the switch in manufacturing from Japan to the U.S., the back insert with U.S. pressings was modified with a stamp next to the barcode reading “Now Made In The U.S.A.”  In finding what seems like hundreds of U.S. pressings in used CD shops over the years, I took note of these statements on the inserts and figured that a Japanese pressing had to exist.

Finally, I found the original Japanese pressing.  A picture of the disc is shown below.  Also shown below is the back insert, which as expected, lacks the “Now Made In The U.S.A.” stamp.  I am continually amazed by how rare some of the original Japan-for-U.S. pressings of CBS/Sony albums are.  When you consider that Sony co-invented the CD format with Philips, one might expect original Japanese pressings of CBS/Sony titles to be common.  Not so.


The original Japanese CBS/Sony pressing of Janis Joplin Pearl (Columbia, catalog number CK 30322). Although difficult to read in this picture, the statement “MANUFACTURED IN JAPAN” appears along the perimeter at the bottom.  The disc has “CSR COMPACT DISC” repeating in the clear plastic ring, and the matrix code is “DIDP-20041 41A5 +++++”.


The back insert accompanying the original Japanese CBS/Sony pressing of Janis Joplin Pearl (Columbia, catalog number CK 30322).  Note that it does not bear the “Now Made In The U.S.A.” stamp in the white space next to the barcode.

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