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2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion.  Of course, most people immediately gravitate to that group from Liverpool, but we will not do that here.  Here we consider The Kinks, formed by brothers Ray and Dave Davies out of Muswell Hill, London.  Ray Davies was the frontman and songwriter, handling vocals, rhythm guitar, and harmonica, while Dave Davies played lead guitar.  The Kinks filled out with Pete Quaife on bass and Mick Avory on drums.

The Kinks debuted in October 1964 with the album simply titled Kinks on British label Pye Records.  The 14-track effort was raw and raucous and served to differentiate The Kinks from some of their more polished British counterparts.  Kinks offers a mix of covers and originals and is best-known for the long-standing hit “You Really Got Me”, penned by Ray Davies.

The Kinks Pye Records catalog was released on CD in Europe in the 1980s.  By this time, Pye had changed its name to PRT Records (Precision Records and Tapes), and these early CDs bear the PRT label.  The initial batch of PRT Kinks CDs were pressed in West Germany, and the original West German PRT CD of Kinks was released under catalog number 8.26670.  This CD is dated 1987.  The label side has a simple blue PRT label motif with blue text and no paint coating.  There is a plastic ring at the center of this disc, and the matrix code is “8.26670 CDM01”.

Shown below are the inserts associated with the initial PRT issue of Kinks, along with the West German pressing.


kinks prt cover_500 2

The cover for the West German pressing of The Kinks Kinks (PRT, catalog number 8.26670).  This is the standard cover photo for this album.  Note the PRT CD catalog number printed in the top right corner.


kinks prt back insert_500

The back insert for the West German pressing of The Kinks Kinks (PRT, catalog number 8.26670).  This insert is dated 1987 at the bottom.  As also noted along the bottom, this insert was printed in West Germany.


kinks prt cd_500

The West German pressing of The Kinks Kinks (PRT, catalog number 8.26670).  “Made in W. Germany” is printed at 3 o’clock.  The matrix code is “8.26670 CDM01”.

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