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Part 4 in this series of Phonogram label entries covered the Vertigo label. This post was entered below on January 31, 2009.

After a three-month hiatus, I thought it was high time to continue with the Phonogram series of label variations.  Featured here is the Casablanca label.  This label is particularly interesting, as it offers collectors three distinct and eye-appealing designs among West German pressings.  The earliest design is the “pink swirls”, for lack of a better description.  As is typical for other Phonogram labels, this design was utilized for only a select grouping of the earliest Casablanca titles, and discs with this design are very rare.

The second design is the “yellow, black, and silver swirls”.  While discs with this design are more common than those with the pink swirls, they are still relatively rare.  Some Casablanca titles were first issued with this design.  The third and final design, and by far the most common of the three, is the “yellow and silver rays”.  Many Casablanca titles were first issued with this design.

The three label designs are shown below for West German pressings of Donna Summer Walk Away: Collector’s Edition, The Best of 1977-1980 (catalog number 810 011-2).  The matrix code for all three discs is “810011 2 01”.

Note: Two of the three designs highighted here were also used by Phonogram for certain titles on its Charisma label.  The earliest design is the “purple swirls”, which is the pink swirls design featured here with a color change and a few other subtle differences.  The second design is the yellow and silver rays.  The Charisma label will be the subject of a future post.  Stay tuned!


The first label design for a West German pressing of Donna Summer Walk Away: Collector’s Edition, The Best of 1977-1980 (Casablanca, catalog number 810 011-2).  The disc shows the early “pink swirls” label design.  As is typical for the earliest design for a particular Phonogram label, the disc has “MADE IN W-GERMANY” printed in the interior portion of the label.


The second label design for a West German pressing of Donna Summer Walk Away: Collector’s Edition, The Best of 1977-1980 (Casablanca, catalog number 810 011-2).  The disc shows the “yellow, black, and silver swirls” label design.  Note that the disc has “MADE IN W.GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” printed along the perimeter, which is typical of later designs for Phonogram titles.


The third label design for a West German pressing of Donna Summer Walk Away: Collector’s Edition, The Best of 1977-1980 (Casablanca, catalog number 810 011-2).  The disc shows the “yellow and silver rays” label design.  Note that the disc has “MADE IN W.GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” printed along the perimeter.  This particular disc also has “MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO” stamped on the label side near the center hole, indicating that the disc was pressed at the Philips-DuPont Optical plant.

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