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Just Pills Order Tramadol OnlineOne of the most popular post-Tijuana Brass Herb Alpert albums is his 1982 effort, Fandango.  This Latin American-flavored collection features smooth sounds and includes the hit single “Route 101”.  Although Fandango is regarded as one of Alpert’s best albums ever, it, like many of his solo works, has been out of print for years.  There are just two legitimate issues on CD, both from the 1980s — the U.S. issue with catalog number CD-3731 and the Japanese issue with catalog number D18Y4122.*  Given their rarity, these early CDs are in great demand among CD collectors and fans of Herb Alpert alike.

Featured here is the Japanese issue of Fandango.  It was released in the late ’80s, and the disc was pressed by CBS/Sony.  Shown below are pictures of the album cover, disc, and back insert.

* The term “legitimate” is used to distinguish these A&M issues from the bootleg of Fandango (and other Herb Alpert albums) issued in Brazil on the Omega Records label.  These Omega discs are unauthorized issues and are merely CD-Rs with low-quality inserts.


The cover for Herb Alpert’s 1982 album, Fandango


The Japanese issue of Herb Alpert Fandango (A&M, catalog number D18Y4122).  The disc was pressed by CBS/Sony.  It has “CSR” stamped on the plastic ring, and the matrix code is “D18Y-4122 2”.


The back insert for the Japanese issue of Herb Alpert Fandango (A&M, catalog number D18Y4122).  The catalog number appears in the bottom left corner.

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