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Order Tramadol Online Usa Part 1 in this series of “Reprocessed Stereo” Elvis Presley entries covered Elvis’ Golden Records. This post was entered below on December 26, 2009.

Tramadol Online Legal In this second installment studying the “fake stereo” Elvis Presley CDs, we look at The King’s self-titled debut album, which includes such hits as “Blue Suede Shoes” and “I Got a Woman”.  Elvis Presley debuted on CD under RCA catalog number PCD1-1254 with the now familiar “STEREO EFFECT REPROCESSED FROM MONOPHONIC” label on the back insert and back cover of the booklet.  As with the fake stereo version of Elvis’ Golden Records, the fake stereo issue of Elvis Presley was in print for only a very short time and only exists as a Japanese Denon plant pressing.  The catalog number suffix, 1254, refers back to the original catalog number of the LP.

http://waterloomilitaria.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1589411572.0172569751739501953125 The fake stereo Elvis Presley disc was quickly replaced by the far more common mono edition under catalog PCD1-5198.  Inserts with this later issue state “RESTORED TO ORIGINAL MONO DIGITALLY REMASTERED”.  The mono version may be found as a Japanese Denon pressing or as later U.S. pressings.  Since the original fake stereo edition was pulled from the market quickly, copies, when they surface, are normally found with a cut-out notch in the booklet and back insert.

http://waterloomilitaria.com/product/victorian-bombay-sword-belt?add-to-cart=6291 Shown here is the cover, back insert, and disc for the fake stereo issue of Elvis Presley.   Stay tuned in the next couple of months for Part 3 of this four-part series.

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http://waterloomilitaria.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1589411845.9451169967651367187500 The cover for the “fake stereo” CD issue of Elvis Presley (RCA, catalog number PCD1-1254).  This cover is identical to the one used for the subsequent mono issue.  Note the early RCA CD logo.  Also visible is a cut-out mark in the top right corner.  This rare disc is routinely found as a cut-out.

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Tramadol 100Mg Online The back insert for the “fake stereo” CD issue of Elvis Presley (RCA, catalog number PCD1-1254).  Note the statement “STEREO EFFECT REPROCESSED FROM MONOPHONIC” in the top left corner.  The cut-out mark is also visible in the top left corner.  As noted along the bottom, this insert was printed in the U.S.

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Tramadol Pet Meds Online The rare “fake stereo” Elvis Presley CD (RCA, catalog number PCD1-1254).  The disc was pressed in Japan by Denon.  The matrix code is “PCD-11254 1A1 48” and appears in the common Denon “dot-matrix” matrix code font.  Note that the character groups “PCD-11254” and “1A1 48” are separated by 180 degrees in the mirror band.

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