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source December 26th, 2008

http://waterloomilitaria.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1589414893.2043449878692626953125 Back in September, I posted a feature on the original Japanese CD issue of Herb Alpert’s famous album, Fandango.  You may find the write-up here.

Online Tramadol Reviews I cited the Japanese disc as being one of just two legitimate issues of Fandango on CD.  The second one is featured here.  It is the rare U.S. issue with A&M catalog number CD 3731.  In my experience, this disc is even less common than the Japanese issue.

Tramadol Online There are two pressings of the U.S. issue of Fandango, a Japanese pressing and a U.S. pressing.  Shown is the U.S. pressing.  The disc was pressed by Denon.  The matrix code is “CD3731 9/88 1DA1”.  This suggests that the disc was pressed in September 1988, which is later than I would have expected.

Order Tramadol Florida When comparing this U.S. issue to the Japanese issue, two differences are noteworthy.  First, the U.S. disc has “Fandango” reproduced to match the original album artwork.  By comparison, the Japanese disc has “FANDANGO” printed in plain block letters.  Second, the U.S. issue has the “aad” SPARS code (analog-analog-digital) at 6 o’clock, whereas the Japanese issue has A&M’s “AM+ Audio Master Plus Series” logo in this spot.  A&M dropped the AM+ logo from U.S. issues in the late ’80s.  The fact that the U.S. Fandango disc does not have this logo further supports the notion that it was pressed in 1988.

go here Shown below is the U.S. pressing of Fandango and the accompanying back insert.


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http://waterloomilitaria.com/product/ww1-machine-gun-corps-medical-box/?add-to-cart=1746 The U.S. issue of Herb Alpert Fandango (A&M, catalog number CD 3731).  The disc was pressed in the U.S. by Denon.  The matrix code is “CD3731 9/88 1DA1”, suggesting that the disc was pressed in September 1988.

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The back insert for the U.S. issue of Herb Alpert Fandango (A&M, catalog number CD 3731).

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