http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_about_ Order Soma online without prescription The Best of Carly Simon">The “Reverse Target CD” of cod pharmacy soma The Best of Carly Simon August 27th, 2011

click Over the years, I have featured several rare Target CDs here, including some unusual color variations.  You will find examples both in posts and in the Target CD Galleries.  Two years ago, I posted about a rare “reverse” color variation of U2 War.  A few others exist, and in my experience, reverse Target CDs are very rare.  It is not clear whether these pressings were made in error or if WEA made them in limited quantities as test pressings to evaluate different color schemes.  Regardless, they are very rare.  Similar to the U2 disc, we feature here a reverse Target CD of The Best of Carly Simon (Elektra, catalog number 109-2).

enter Nothing really needs to be said of this wonderful compilation that hasn’t already been said elsewhere, so let’s get to the discs.  First, the Target pressings were made in West Germany by Polygram.  The standard pressing, which can be found online without great difficulty, bears the typical Elektra color scheme, meaning a silver target and orange paint coating.  The text is printed in silver.  For the reverse Target pressing, then, we see an orange target with a silver paint coating.  The text is printed in black for this variation. 

Online Apotheke Tramadol Ohne Rezept The inserts are identical for the two pressings and were printed in West Germany.  The matrix codes are also identical for the two discs — “7559 00109-2 2893 279 01”.

see It took me several years to track down the reverse Carly Simon pressing.  Whatever the reason WEA pressed it, it seems they did not press many copies.  If you go searching for it, you will likely encounter many standard Target copies along the way, not to mention piles upon piles of Non-Target pressings that are always to be found in used CD shops.  Still, I am aware of a few other reverse copies aside from the one in my collection, so it is out there.

Tramadol Online Overnight Visa Shown below are both Target pressings of The Best of Carly Simon.

Tramadol Online Overnight Cod

Generic Tramadol Online The standard West German Target pressing of Carly Simon The Best of Carly Simon (Elektra, catalog number 109-2).   The disc bears the standard Target color scheme for the Elektra label.  The European catalog number, 252 025, is shown beneath the U.S. catalog number at 9 o’clock.


The rare “reverse” West German Target pressing of Carly Simon The Best of Carly Simon (Elektra, catalog number 109-2).   Compared to the disc shown above, the colors of the target and paint coating are reversed.

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