buy watson soma Rockpommel’s Land">A West German pressing of Grobschnitt Rockpommel’s Land

In this month’s post, we take a look at the German psychedelic, rock, prog, etc. band Grobschnitt. The group released several albums to acclaim, particularly in Germany, in the ’70s and ’80s. It started with their self-titled debut in 1972. Here, we consider their fifth offering, the 1977 album, Rockpommel’s Land.

Rockpommel’s Land is a prog concept album. The album cover draws comparisons to Yes, and the album itself has also evoked such comparisons. Rockpommel’s Land is a four-track album running over an hour. Very proggy. In all seriousness, this is a great album with quality lyrics and instrumentation. If you have never heard of Grobschnitt, give this album a listen.

So what about Rockpommel’s Land on CD? Perhaps not surprising, the original release is from Germany. The disc appeared on the Metronome label (Metronome Musik GmbH) under catalog number 837 985-2, with the disc being pressed in West Germany.

The Rockpommel’s Land disc has a typical Metronome label design from the mid-’80s — red and black text and no paint coating. The disc states “Made in W.-Germany” at 3 o’clock. The disc featured here was pressed by Philips-DuPont Optical, PDO, and has the familiar aluminum hub. The plant identifier “MADE IN W.GERMANY BY PDO” is stamped in the aluminum hub near the center hole. The matrix code is “837 985-2 01 *”.

Importantly, the back cover of the booklet provides the following recording information with instructions on how to listen to the album:

The whole thing was done by composing and rehearsing for about 10 months and then recorded from NOV 1976 to FEB 1977 at Conny’s Studio with the deserving help of a fully dBx’ed MCI 24-track tape recorder at 30 ips (76 cm/S) on four AGFA “PEM 468 professional”-type 2″ tapes. Therefore, however, it deserves to be played


Shown below is the cover and back insert for the original release of Rockpommel’s Land, along with the West German pressing.

Now go get a copy, even an easier-to-locate later pressing, and play it L O U D.


The cover for the original issue of Grobschnitt Rockpommel’s Land (Metronome, catalog number 837 985-2). This is the standard cover artwork for the album.


The back insert for the original issue of Grobschnitt Rockpommel’s Land (Metronome, catalog number 837 985-2). Note the text in German printed along the bottom.


The West German pressing of Grobschnitt Rockpommel’s Land (Metronome, catalog number 837 985-2). It has “Made in W.-Germany” printed at 3 o’clock and “MADE IN W.GERMANY BY PDO” stamped at the center near the spindle hole. The matrix code is “837 985-2 01*”.

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