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follow The story goes like this. Back around 1983, Warner Bros. released Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly as a West German Target CD. Word got back to Warner Bros. that something was wrong with this release. The sound was not right. It has even been said that Stevie Wonder was so displeased with the sound that he convinced Warner Bros. to recall the disc and reissue it.  The disc was recalled and reissued with a different mastering, though I cannot say for sure whether Stevie Wonder was actually involved.

Ultram Tramadol Online The first pressing that was recalled has “02” at the end of the matrix code. The disc is shown below. Note that the catalog number is shown as 23696-2. This disc was replaced by a considerably more common Target with the matrix code ending in “03”. This Target shows the catalog number as 923696-2.

source 02 Nightfly

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