order Soma WITHOUT SCRIPT This is the final installment of the Phonogram CD label series, which began in June of last year.  Below are links to the first five installments.

http://waterloomilitaria.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1589411745.0829141139984130859375 Part 1: Rocket
Part 2: RSO and Polydor
Part 3: Mercury
Part 4: Vertigo
Part 5: Casablanca

get link In this final installment, we turn our attention to the Charisma label.  In part five, it was noted that two of the three label designs for Casablana were also used for Charisma titles.  Those two designs are shown here.  The first is the “purple swirls”.  It resembles the “pink swirls” Casablanca design.  If one compares the two designs, it is noted that the swirl motifs are reversed (there are other subtle differences as well).  The purple-swirls design is shown below for an early West German pressing of Genesis …And Then There Were Three… (catalog number 800 059-2).  As you probably guessed if you have been following these Phonogram entries, this first Charisma design is very rare.

http://waterloomilitaria.com/?s=french The second Charisma label is the “yellow and silver rays”, and it closely resembles the rays design used for Casablanca titles.  Charisma titles are more often found with this design then with the purple-swirls label.  The yellow-and-silver-rays design is shown below for Peter Gabriel “Security” (catalog number 800 091-2).

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Tramadol Legal To Buy Online The first Charisma label design, shown for an early West German pressing of Genesis …And Then There Were Three… (Charisma, catalog number 800 059-2).  The disc shows the early “purple swirls” label design.  As is typical for the earliest design for a particular Phonogram label, the disc has “MADE IN W-GERMANY” printed in the interior portion of the label.  The matrix code is “800059 2 01”.  This design is similar to the “pink swirls” design used for the Casablanca label.

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http://waterloomilitaria.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1589406685.7795269489288330078125 The second Charisma label design, shown for a West German pressing of Peter Gabriel “Security” (Charisma, catalog number 800 091-2).  The disc shows the “yellow and silver rays” label design, which was also used for the Casablanca label.  Note that the disc has “MADE IN W.GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” printed along the perimeter.  The matrix code is “800091 2 01”.

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