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What are “Non-Target CDs”?

Non-Target CDs constitute any early pressing that does not bear the Target design. Thus, it includes early Japanese and West German pressings made for various record labels for various markets. Also included here are early U.S., U.K., and French pressings that are rare and/or have unique masterings.

Please click on the links in the sidebar to the right to see lists of my Non-Target CDs.  Within these lists, a “more info.” hyperlink points to a post on the home page on the particular CD.  The “Categories” page lists discs in my collection from unique and highly collectable classes of Non-Target CDs.

Shown below are a few pictures of representative Non-Target CDs in my collection.  Pictures of additional Non-Target CDs from my collection are contained in the CD Gallery.

I currently have 6,373 Non-Target CDs.


Japanese pressing of Billy Joel An Innocent Man, pressed by CBS/Sony (CBS, catalog number CK 38837)



West German pressing of Thomas Dolby The Golden Age of Wireless, pressed by Polygram (EMI, catalog number CDP 7 46009 2)



Japanese pressing of Huey Lewis and the News Sports, pressed by Toshiba-EMI for release in Japan (Chrysalis, catalog number CP32-5029)



West German pressing of The Police Synchronicity, pressed by Polygram (A&M, catalog number CD-3735)