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http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ soma next day delivery cod Greatest Hits Volume 2">The U.S. Target CD of Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2

We kicked off 2012 on with discussion of a rare U.S. Target CD pressing of Neil Young Harvest (click here for details).  This disc is unusual by virtue of its color scheme, which differs from the color combination found with the more common West German pressing.  Here we consider a similar example — a U.S. Target CD of […]

Whitney Houston, 1963-2012

Whitney Houston, regarded by many as the greatest voice of her generation, died suddenly on February 11th at the age of 48.  This a huge loss for the music industry and for fans across the globe.  Whitney gave us hit after hit throughout her career, including “Greatest Love of All”, “You Give Good Love”, and “I […]

The 1982 Nimbus Natural Sound Promotional CD Sampler

When the CD format was launched in 1982, a key target audience were audiophiles who were frustrated with the labor and pop and clicks encountered in playing vinyl records and the wear and poor fidelity encountered in playing cassettes. While one could debate the merits and limitations of the various music formats, I will not […]