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In the early 1980s, Sony issued a series of promotional sampler CDs in Japan with “YEDS” catalog numbers.  The first such sampler, simply titled Demonstration Disc and assigned catalog number YEDS 1, was released in 1982.  This disc was featured here in August 2010 (click Just Pills Order Tramadol Online for details).  As a continuation, we feature another YEDS sampler from 1982: Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 1, catalog number YEDS 4.

Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 1 is a varied compilation, comprised mainly of jazz and classical music.  There are 12 tracks in all, and both the disc and inserts are labeled to clearly note this release as a promotional issue.  The disc itself is labeled “NOT FOR SALE”.

The CD has telltale markings of an early Japanese CBS/Sony pressing.  It has “MANUFACTURED BY CBS/SONY RECORDS INC.” stamped on the clear plastic ring in the center, and the matrix code is stamped in the early CBS/Sony plant crude font.  The matrix code is “YEDS-4-1 1A3”.  Another indication of this being an early issue is that the copy featured here came in a jewel case with smooth top and bottom edges and “Patent pending” embossed on the back.

Shown below are pictures of the Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 1 cover, back insert, spine label, and CD.

You’re probably wondering if there is a Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 2.  Yes there is.  And yes, the catalog number is YEDS 5.  Look for this disc to be featured here in a future post.


The cover for the early Japanese Sony promotional sampler CD, Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 1 (catalog number YEDS 4).


The back insert for the early Japanese Sony promotional sampler CD, Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 1 (catalog number YEDS 4).  The track list is presented in both English and Japanese.  Note the statement “Not for Sale” printed in the bottom left corner.  The insert is dated 1982.  This artwork minus the track list was used for the back cover of the booklet. 


A spine label for the early Japanese Sony promotional sampler CD, Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 1 (catalog number YEDS 4).


The early Japanese Sony promotional sampler CD, Compact Disc Demonstration Vol. 1 (catalog number YEDS 4).  The disc has “MANUFACTURED BY CBS/SONY RECORDS INC.” stamped on the clear plastic ring, and the matrix code is “YEDS-4-1 1A3”.  The matrix code is stamped in a crude font typical of early Japanese CBS/Sony pressings.  The disc is labeled “NOT FOR SALE” at 6 o’clock and is dated 1982.  This label design was also used for the earliest commercial CBS/Sony CDs released in Japan.

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