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Legendary bluesman B.B. King passed away on May 14th at the age of 89. As a result of his dexterity and effortless play, King’s influence is felt by generations of guitarists across genres. This was helped by his 1969 album Completely Well, containing the crossover hit and King trademark, “The Thrill is Gone”. King’s unique concerts, known for his seamless intermingling of witty banter with music, furthered his status as one of music’s treasures. Even in his later years, which saw King on seated on stage, the performances remained tight (and witty).

B.B. King reigned as the top bluesman for many years. While the debate likely will rage on as to who, if anyone, will take his place at the center of today’s blues scene, King’s place in the music pantheon is clear. R.I.P., Mr. King.


king completely well cover 2_500

The cover for B.B. King’s landmark 1969 album Completely Well.  Shown is the cover for the original U.S. CD release (MCA, catalog number MCAD-31039).


king completely well_500

The original U.S. CD release of B.B. King Completely Well (MCA, catalog number MCAD-31039).  This disc was pressed in Japan by JVC. The hit “The Thrill is Gone” is listed as the last track on this CD.

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