The vast majority of early Japanese pressings of CBS/Sony titles for the U.S. market have “MADE IN JAPAN” or “MANUFACTURED IN JAPAN” stamped along the perimeter at the end of a copyright statement.  Certain discs, however, have a “MADE IN JAPAN” sticker affixed beneath the CD format logo at 3 o’clock. It is not clear to me why the stickers were used rather than the conventional stamp along the perimeter, but in my experience, these stickered discs are very rare.  Shown below are two Japan-for-U.S. issues of Bruce Springsteen Born to Run (CBS, catalog number CK 33795).  The first copy has the “MADE IN JAPAN” sticker at 3 o’clock.  The matrix code is “35DP-21-1 1A1” in a crude font.  This crude matrix code font is indicative of a very early Japanese CBS/Sony pressing.  The disc also has “MANUFACTURED BY CBS/SONY RECORDS INC.” stamped on the clear plastic ring.

Purchase Tramadol Cod The second copy of Born to Run has the conventional “MADE IN JAPAN” stamp along the perimeter.  This disc has the same matrix code as the stickered version, but it has “CSR COMPACT DISC” repeating in the plastic ring.

here I also have stickered versions of REO Speedwagon Hi Infidelity (Epic, catalog number EK 36844), Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees (CBS, catalog number CK 33920), and Toto Toto IV (CBS, catalog number CK 37728).  Each title also exists as a Japanese CBS/Sony pressing with “MADE IN JAPAN” stamped along the perimeter.  

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