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Back in October 2016, we looked at a Japan-for-U.S. pressing of Boston’s self-titled debut album. As noted Just Pills Order Tramadol Online, the album first appeared on CD in the U.S. as a U.S. DADC pressing. Early DADC pressings of Boston are rather common, but here we consider a much rarer U.S. pressing

We’ve discussed in other posts that the record labels sometimes farmed out CD production to various pressing plants to keep up with demand in the early years. That led to some unusual pressings given typical record label-pressing plant affiliations. Boston Boston was released on the Epic Records label, which in the ’80s was part of CBS Records. In the U.S., CBS owned the DADC plant. Thus, the majority of CBS CDs released in the U.S. were pressed by DADC. In a few rare instances in the late ’80s, CBS turned to PDO, Philips-DuPont Optical, for production of its CDs. Boston is one such CBS (Epic) title pressed by PDO.

The predecessor to PDO in West Germany was PolyGram. West German PolyGram and subsequent PDO pressings are distinguished by an aluminum hub, meaning an aluminum coating running to the center hole in place of a clear plastic ring. PDO plants that opened in the U.K. and U.S. adopted this same manufacturing process. Thus, the U.S. PDO pressing of Boston is unique for an Epic title by virtue of the aluminum hub. This is one of those unusual pressing affiliations we mentioned above. Epic CDs, as part of CBS, are typically found with a clear plastic ring since the discs most often originated from the Japanese CBS/Sony, U.S. DADC, or U.S. Columbia-Pitman plants.

The U.S. PDO pressing of Boston is found with standard U.S. inserts that were in use for nearly two decades. The matrix code on the PDO disc is “EK34188 09%”, where “EK34188” represents the U.S. catalog number. The disc also has “MADE IN USA BY PDO” stamped near the center hole on the play side.

Shown below is the cover and back insert for the original U.S. issue of Boston Boston, along with the rare U.S. PDO pressing.


The cover for the original U.S. issue of Boston Boston (Epic, catalog number EK 34188). This is the standard cover artwork for this album.


The back insert for the original U.S. issue of Boston Boston (Epic, catalog number EK 34188). The running time for “Rock & Roll Band” is erroneously shown as 2:60 (2 minutes, 60 seconds) instead of 3:00 (3 minutes, 0 seconds).


The U.S. PDO pressing of the original U.S. issue of Boston Boston (Epic, catalog number EK 34188). Note the aluminum hub, a hallmark of the PDO manufacturing process. The catalog number is printed above the CD format logo at 3 o’clock. “DIDP 20006” beneath the catalog number is a project number that also appears on earlier U.S. DADC plant pressings. The disc above has “MADE IN USA BY PDO” stamped on the play side near the center hole, and the matrix code is “EK34188 09%”.

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