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Just Pills Order Tramadol OnlineTramadol Order CheapI had previously posted in my Target CD Gallery here that Japanese pressings of Atlantic titles made for the U.S. market were only issued as Non-Target CDs.  As is evidenced by the CD featured here, I now know that this is untrue, and I have corrected my Gallery entry accordingly.  Shown here is a Japanese Target CD of Bette Midler No Frills, released in the U.S. by Atlantic under catalog number 7 80070-2.  The disc was pressed by Sanyo and has the expected “MANUFACTURED BY SANYO JAPAN” stamped in the mirror band.  As shown below, the disc has a rather ordinary black target design with no color coating (appropriate given the album title).  Sanyo pressed similar Target CDs of other WEA titles for the U.S. market.  Examples include Fleetwood Mac Rumours (Warner Bros., catalog number 3010-2) and The Doobie Brothers Minute by Minute (Warner Bros., catalog number 3193-2).

The back insert for the Midler Target CD says “Printed in Japan by Sanyo”.  It appears at this time that this is a very rare Target CD pressing.  In fact, this is the only copy I am currently aware of, and it remains the only Japan-for-U.S. Target CD I have come across on the Atlantic label.  There is also a Japanese Non-Target pressing of No Frills that was pressed by Sanyo.  The disc has the same layout as the Target CD except that the Target design is missing.  I saw a copy on eBay in late 2008 and have not seen another copy.

I only learned of this Target CD recently.  It is rare nowadays that I learn of a new Target CD, but I naturally wonder if other undiscovered rarities are out there.


The Japanese Target CD of Bette Midler No Frills (Atlantic, catalog number 7 80070-2).  The disc was pressed for the U.S. market and is the only such Japanese Target CD on the Atlantic label currently known.  It was pressed by Sanyo, as evidenced by “MANUFACTURED BY SANYO JAPAN” stamped in the mirror band.


The back insert for the Japanese Target CD of Bette Midler No Frills (Atlantic, catalog number 7 80070-2).  Note the text “Printed in Japan by Sanyo” at the end of the copyright paragraph in red.

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