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Happy Holidays 2018! As we embark on the most wonderful time of the year, and the cold that comes with it (for many of us), let’s take in some country music. This year, we consider the 1984 album from country legend Barbara Mandrell entitled Christmas at Our House. First, Mandrell is particularly fitting for our holiday post, not just because of her pop and country prowess, but because she was born on Christmas Day (in 1948 in Houston, Texas). Christmas at Our House contains 10 songs with a country pop flare and includes the standard “I’ll be Home for Christmas”.

Mandrell’s label MCA Records released Christmas at Our House on CD in the U.S. under catalog number MCAD-5519. The first copies to hit the shelves were pressed in Japan by JVC, and both the disc and inserts show a JVC project number as “JVC-516”. The inserts reference MCA’s address in Universal City, California and likely were printed in the U.S. The back cover of the booklet boldly states “DIGITALLY MIXED AND MASTERED ANALOGUE RECORDING”. The inserts are bland pink, a motif adopted by MCA in the mid-’80s.

Shown below is the the booklet and back insert for Christmas at Our House, along with the Japanese JVC pressing.

Be safe this holiday season. Enjoy!


The cover for Barbara Mandrell Christmas at Our House (MCA, catalog number MCAD-5519). This is the standard cover artwork for this album, with the addition of the CD format logo in the bottom right corner.


The back insert for Barbara Mandrell Christmas at Our House (MCA, catalog number MCAD-5519). A barcode is printed in the top right corner. The plain pink color scheme was commonly used by MCA starting in the mid-’80s.


The Japanese JVC pressing of Barbara Mandrell Christmas at Our House (MCA, catalog number MCAD-5519). “Manufactured in Japan for MCA Records, Inc.” is printed beneath the CD format logo at 3 o’clock. The catalog number and JVC project number are printed next to the CD format logo. The matrix code is “MCAD-5519-S1C11”.

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