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Happy Holidays! As has become a tradition, it’s time to consider an early holiday CD. In 1981, legendary tenor Placido Domingo recorded Christmas with Placido Domingo with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The album, containing 10 Christmas classics, was released by CBS Records, and the original CDs released in the U.S. and Europe were assigned catalog […]

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When I started collecting early CDs, I was perfectly happy finding any early Japanese or West German pressing. It was Japanese or West German, so it was first or early. Good enough. Then, not good enough. As time marched on, I learned that there were degrees of early or real first pressings. So, not all early […]

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Greatest Hits compilations. Best Ofs. The Very Best Ofs. The Essential. The record labels release these cut-to-the-chase discs to give the music fan, and we can say the casual music fan, a synopsis of an artist’s career. Why buy all the albums when you can have the good stuff on just one or two CDs? […]

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Since we’re talking early CDs here, those having been released in the 1980s and being long out of print, the vast majority of the discs that collectors deal with are used. Condition, therefore, can be an issue. Discs may be badly scratched or polished, inserts may have handling wear or water damage, etc. (And how […]

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There are many factors that determine the collectability of early CDs.  Of course, the artist, album, and rarity and factors. Another feature discussed here in the past is aesthetics, in particular, the design on the CD label side. For years, collectors have routinely paid a significant premium for early West German CDs with unique painted label […]

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When considering pop music in the 1980s, there are artists that immediately come to mind as defining the era’s sound. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince. We could spend a lot of bandwidth listing other important artists from the decade, though we probably would include a number of one-hit wonders. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. One […]

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When trawling the bins at CD shops, you never know what you will find. I typically stumble upon interesting pressings of familiar albums and artists, but every so often, a disc jumps out that I have never seen before and somehow immediately realize is unique. Such a recent experience involved a band I had never […]

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Legendary bluesman B.B. King passed away on May 14th at the age of 89. As a result of his dexterity and effortless play, King’s influence is felt by generations of guitarists across genres. This was helped by his 1969 album Completely Well, containing the crossover hit and King trademark, “The Thrill is Gone”. King’s unique concerts, […]

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