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Shown here are Non-Target CDs pressed in other countries, such as the U.S., the U.K., and France.



ABBA Super Trouper (Atlantic, catalog number CD 16023).  This CD was pressed in the U.S. for distribution in Canada.  CD 16023 is the Canadian catalog number.  Note the WEA Music Of Canada Ltd. statement beneath the CD format logo at 3 o’clock.  The disc was pressed at the U.S. Specialty Records Corporation (SRC) plant, and the matrix code is “3 16023-2 SRC-01”.  A U.S. issue of Super Trouper on the Atlantic label, released under catalog number 16023-2, was also pressed at the SRC plant and bears the same matrix code.  Both the Canadian and U.S. Atlantic issues of Super Trouper are rare.



Alabama The Touch (RCA, catalog number 5649-2-R).  This is a very rare promotional CD issued to commemorate the opening of the LaserVideo pressing plant in the U.S. in 1986.  The disc has “MASTERED IN U.S.A. BY LASERVIDEO INC.” etched in the mirror band.  The matrix code is “CI05279 -0- 5649-2-R”.  This CD was issued with standard commercial inserts.



buffalo springfield_400

Buffalo Springfield The Best of Buffalo Springfield: Retrospective (Atco, catalog number 38-105-2).  This disc was pressed in the U.S. by the Technetronics plant.  It states “MANUFACTURED IN U.S.A. BY TECHNETRONICS, INC.” along the perimeter.  This disc was made from a U.S. SRC plant glass master, as evidenced by the matrix code, which is “3 38-105-2 SRC-07”.  The mirror band is wider than that of an SRC plant pressing.



deja vu swiss 2_400

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Déjà Vu (Atlantic, catalog number SD 19118-2).  This is a rare disc pressed by the MCS/ICM plant in Switzerland.  A unique feature is the “buffed” ring at the center.  The inserts with this particular copy were printed in the U.S.  Although the earlier West German Polygram pressing and subsequent U.S. pressings have a red ring around the perimeter and a red Atlantic logo at 9 o’clock, this disc quite obviously lacks red ink and notably lacks the Atlantic logo.  The matrix code is “7567 19118-2 2895 821 03 *”.



Miles Davis Sketches of Spain (CBS, catalog number CK 08271).  The disc was pressed by CBS/Sony’s U.S. DADC plant, as evidenced by the text “Made in USA-Digital Audio Disc Corp.” stamped on the plastic ring.  The “triangle-in-circle” symbol beneath the CD format logo at 3 o’clock also denotes this as a U.S. DADC pressing.  The matrix code is “DIDP 50063 11A2”.  This disc was preceded by a Japanese CBS/Sony pressing under the same catalog number.  In my experience, the U.S. pressing is much rarer than the Japanese pressing.  This is likely due to this issue being replaced by the Columbia Jazz Masterpieces release (Columbia, catalog number CK 40578) shortly after CD production shifted from Japan to the U.S.



The Dead Milkmen Eat Your Paisley! (Restless, catalog number 72131-2).  The disc was pressed in South Korea at the SKC plant.  While the disc appears to be an early West German pressing by virture of there being no clear plastic ring at the center, it has “Manufactured in South Korea” printed at 4 o’clock.  The matrix code is “72131-2 1128 104 01 *”.  This is the first U.S. issue of Eat Your Paisley!, but it appears that this CD was also distributed in Europe since it also bears 2131-2 as a European catalog number.  Early South Korean pressings like this one are quite rare.



glass tiger canada_400

Glass Tiger The Thin Red Line (Capitol/Manhattan, catalog number CDP 7 46313 2).  The disc was pressed in Canada at the Praxis plant.  It states “MANUFACTURED IN CANADA BY PRAXIS TECHNOLOGIES INC.” along the perimeter and also states “Made in Canada” at 9 o’clock.  The matrix code is “PRAXIS 00118-1 313-2 SA0372”.



George Michael Faith (Columbia, catalog number CK 40867).  This is a promotional CD from the former CBS Records pressing plant in Pitman, New Jersey.  As stated in red, the disc commemorates 10 million CDs produced at the Pitman plant, and this milestone was achieved on February 25, 1989.   Note that the disc has “NOT FOR SALE” printed beneath the Columbia logo at 9 o’clock.  Although the artist and album title are not stated on the disc, the Columbia catalog number for Faith is contained in the matrix code.  The matrix code is “1B CK40867 35”.  The disc has a gold tone on both sides, but it is not clear whether the disc is made from 24k gold as is seen with various audiophile/collector CD releases or if a gold dye was added to aluminum.  This CD came with standard U.S. inserts for Faith.



Joe Satriani “Surfing With The Alien” (Relativity, catalog number 88561-6193-2). Issued in 1987 and pressed in the U.S., this is a CD single for the title track from Satriani’s breakthrough album.  This single bears the same catalog number as the album CD.  The matrix code is “8193 111341 SA10629”.  This picture disc is very rare.



Visage Visage (Polydor, catalog number 800 029-2).  The disc resembles an early West German Polygram plant pressing by virtue of there being no plastic ring at the center, but note that the disc has “MADE IN GERMANY” stamped on the play side near the hole.  More importantly, this disc is a very rare manufacturing error in that it has no black paint on the label side.  As a result, there is no text identifying the album or songs.  The matrix code is “800 029-2 04 #”.  Thus, the catalog number contained in the matrix code identifies the disc as the Visage album.