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Shown here are pictures of Target CDs from my collection for artists beginning with the letters E through H. Included are particularly rare discs and one believed to be a manufacturing error.




West German Target of Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (Asylum, catalog number 105-2). This disc is scarce and highly sought after by collectors.




West German Target of Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2 (Asylum, catalog number 9 60205-2). When comparing this disc to the Target of Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 above, note the different color schemes and Asylum Records logos. This disc is quite rare.



U.S. Target of Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2 (Asylum, catalog number 9 60205-2).  This disc has a different color scheme than the West German Target pressing shown above.  This U.S. pressing is very rare.




West German Target of Eagles The Best of Eagles (Asylum, catalog number 960 342-2). This disc was issued only in Europe and is rather scarce.




West German Target of Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pictures at an Exhibition (Cotillion, catalog number 19122-2). This is a very rare variation with the incorrect red and green color scheme. This is the color scheme associated with Target CDs on the Atlantic label. The common Target of Pictures at an Exhibition has a black target and purple coating.




West German Target of Donald Fagen The Nightfly (Warner Bros., catalog number 23696-2). This is the very rare first pressing with the matrix code “7599 23696-2 2893 021 02”. The mastering on this pressing was determined to be flawed, and this pressing was quickly replaced by a more common West German Target with matrix code “7599 23696-2 2893 021 03”. The catalog number on this second Target pressing is shown as 923696-2 with 23696-2 in parentheses.



West German Target of Fleetwood Mac Rumours (Warner Bros., catalog number 03010-2). This is the rare first pressing with matrix code “7599 03010-2 2893 013 01”. This Target pressing has a unique mastering.  It was replaced by a second and more common Target pressing that offered a new mastering.  This second Target pressing is shown below.  In comparing the two Target pressings of Rumours, note the difference in how the catalog number is presented at 9 o’clock.



West German Target of Fleetwood Mac Rumours (Warner Bros., catalog number 3010-2). This is the more common second pressing with matrix code “7599 03010-2 2893 013 04”. This Target pressing has a different mastering than the first pressing shown above.  Note that the catalog number on this second pressing is shown as 3010-2, with the variant of the catalog number used for the first pressing, 03010-2, now in parentheses.  Additionally, the second pressing shows “MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” along the perimeter, while the first pressing simply says “MADE IN WEST GERMANY”.  Despite this difference, both discs were pressed at the Polygram plant.




West German Target of John Fogerty Centerfield (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 25203-2). This is the first pressing with “Zanz Kant Danz” as track 9. Fogerty was forced to remove this song and replace it with “Vanz Kant Danz” on subsequent issues of the album, making this rare version highly desirable among collectors.




West German Target of John Fogerty Centerfield (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 25203-2). This is the second West German pressing, with “Vanz Kant Danz” as track 9 replacing the original “Zanz Kant Danz” (see previous scan). This “Vanz” Target is rarer than the original “Zanz” Target in my experience. It would seem that the switch from “Zanz” to “Vanz” took place shortly before Warner Bros. stopped pressing this album in West Germany, leading to a limited press run of the “Vanz” Target. Note that subsequent pressings of Centerfield from other countries contain “Vanz Kant Danz”. Thus, this West German Target is a very rare pressing of a common version of the album.




Japanese Target of John Fogerty Centerfield (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 25203-2). This is a very rare variation with a silver paint coating. The common Japanese Target has no color coating. Both Japanese Target pressings have “Vanz Kant Danz” as track 9.




West German Target of Foreigner Records (Warner Bros., catalog number 80999-2).




West German Target of Michael Franks The Art of Tea (Warner Bros., catalog number 2230-2). This disc is quite rare in my experience.



U.S. Target of Genesis …And Then There Were Three… (Atlantic, catalog number 19173-2). This disc was pressed in the U.S. by PDO, as evidenced by the text “MADE IN USA BY PDO” printed along the perimeter.  An earlier West German Target pressing that is very similar in appearance is much more common than this U.S. pressing.




West German Target of Robin Gibb Secret Agent (Mirage, catalog number 7 90170-2). Note the color scheme of a dark blue target with light blue coating. This color combination is unique to the two Target CDs issued on the Mirage label — Secret Agent and Toni Tenille More Than You Know. Secret Agent went out of print quickly on CD, making this Target highly desirable among Bee Gees collectors.




West German Target of Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, Shrieve (HSAS) Through the Fire (Geffen, catalog number 4023-2). This is a popular Target among collectors. Through the Fire was also pressed as a West German Non-Target, which is more common than the Target in my experience.




West German Target of Emmylou Harris White Shoes (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 23961-2). This is one of the rarer Target CDs in my collection. A West German Non-Target pressing is more common in my experience.