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Shown here are Non-Target CDs pressed in West Germany.



George Benson Body Talk (CTI, catalog number 239 208). This disc was issued in Europe and was pressed by Polygram.  The matrix code is “MCD 239208 2893 982 01 #”.



Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers Night in Tunisia (Philips, catalog number 800 064-2). This CD bears the rare “blue-arrow” design that was only used for selected early titles on Philips.  The matrix code is “800064 2 01”.  This disc is quite rare.



Eric Clapton Backtrackin’ (RSO, catalog number 821 937-2).  Shown is disc one of the two-disc set (the catalog numbers for discs one and two are 821 938-2 and 821 939-2, respectively).  The matrix code for this disc is “821 938-2 01 #”.  The orange paint coating denotes this as the first issue.  A more common West German pressing exists with black text, an orange RSO bull, and no paint coating.  The disc shown is an unusual pressing in that most orange-coated discs on the RSO and Polydor labels are found with earlier releases bearing catalog numbers of the form 800 XXX-2.  The higher catalog number for Backtrackin’ indicates that it was a later RSO issue.  Further evidence of this being a later issue is the statement at 3 o’clock “Made in W. Germany by PolyGram”.  Orange-coated RSO and Polydor discs with catalog numbers 800 XXX-2 simply state “Made in West Germany” at 3 o’clock.  The statement “Made in W. Germany by PolyGram” is often seen on the later pressings without the orange coating.  This disc should be compared to the Saturday Night Fever disc shown further down on this page.



Phil Collins Face Value (Virgin, catalog number CDV 2185). This disc was issued in the U.K.  As is typical for U.K. “light-blue-face” Virgin issues, this disc does not actually say where it was made.  However, it has the tell-tale signs of an early West German Polygram pressing.  For example, there is no plastic ring at the center and the edge of the disc is rough.  The matrix code is “CDV 2185 2891088 03”.  The inserts were printed in West Germany.



Dire Straits Alchemy: Dire Straits Live (Vertigo, catalog number 818 243-2). Shown is disc one of the two-disc set, which was issued in Europe.  The disc sports the early “blue-spiral” Vertigo label design.  This is a very rare variation, as the set is more commonly found with the subsequent “orange-wave” design.  The matrix code on this disc is “818 244-2 01”.  Note that the catalog number for the set is 818 243-2.  The catalog numbers for discs one and two are 818 244-2 and 818 245-2, respectively.



Emerson, Lake & Palmer Trilogy (Manticore, catalog number 258 173).  This disc was issued in Europe.  As noted in the mirror band, this disc was pressed by Sonopress.  The matrix code on this disc is “SONOPRESS 258 173 A”.  These Manticore Emerson, Lake & Palmer issues are popular with collectors.



Genesis …And Then There Were Three… (Charisma, catalog number 800 059-2).  This disc was issued in Europe.  It bears the early “purple swirls” Charisma label design.  This is a very rare pressing.  The matrix code on this disc is “800059 2 01”.



Stan Getz and João Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim Getz/Gilberto (Verve, catalog number 810 048-2).  The black coating was used for the earliest West German CDs pressed on the Verve label.  These early Verve discs are generally rare, as West German Verve CDs are typically found with black text and no color coating.  The matrix code for this Getz/Gilberto CD is “810048 2 05”.



Iron Maiden Powerslave (EMI, catalog number CDP 7 46045 2). This disc was pressed by Polygram.  Note the bronze coating in keeping with the album’s Egyptian theme.  The matrix code is “746 045-2 2893 919 02 #”.  This is a rare first pressing that commands a premium in online auctions.  Note that a later West German pressing exists under this catalog number.  It has a clear plastic ring at the center and no color coating and is considerably more common.



 signals green arrow_400

Rush Signals (Mercury, catalog number 810 002-2).  The disc was pressed by Polygram and bears the original Mercury “green-arrow” design, which was only used for the earliest Mercury titles.  This particular CD is very rare.  The matrix code is “810002 2 01”.



 Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Soundtrack (RSO, catalog number 800 068-2).  Shown is disc one of the two-disc set (the catalog numbers for discs one and two are 800 069-2 and 800 070-2, respectively).  The matrix code for this disc is “800069 2 01”.  The orange paint coating denotes this as the first issue.  A more common West German pressing exists with black text, an orange RSO bull, and no paint coating.  The low catalog number of the form 800 XXX-2 and the notation “Made in West Germany” at 3 o’clock are indicators of this being an early RSO issue.  This disc should be compared to the Eric Clapton Backtrackin’ disc shown above, which is a later RSO issue with an orange paint coating.



Donna Summer Walk Away: Collector’s Edition, The Best of 1977-1980 (Casablanca, catalog number 810 011-2).  It bears the early “pink swirls” Casablanca label design.  This is a very rare pressing.  The matrix code on this disc is “810011 2 01”.