http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ cheap discount online soma Shown here are pictures of Target CDs from my collection for artists beginning with the letters Q through T. Included are particularly rare discs and an unusual manufacturing error.

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Soma Cod Overnight Delivery West German Target of Quarterflash Quarterflash (Geffen, catalog number 2003-2).  In my experience, this disc is harder to find than the corresponding Japanese Target.

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watson brand soma West German Target of Queen News of the World (Elektra, catalog number 112-2).  This is an extremely unusual manufacturing error and is likely the only one of its kind in existence.  The normal silver paint target squares run horiztonally, but note that “aluminum cut-out” target squares run between 10 and 4 o’clock.  This disc provides insight into the manufacturing process for Target CDs.  It would appear that the orange paint was put down in a first step.  Included in this step was the orange text along the perimeter.  A solid orange coating was put down except for the spaces reserved for the horizontal target squares, which remained after this step as aluminum cut-outs.  Note that the orange text that reads “MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” and the cut-out target squares are aligned as one would expect for a Target CD.  Note also the break between in “WEST” and “GERMANY”, which was to have been filled in by a silver target square.  The silver paint would then be put down in second and third steps.  Step two could have put down the silver target squares and silver ring around the perimeter of the orange coating.  The disc was misaligned during step two, as the silver squares should have filled in the cut-outs.  As a result of the misalignment, a silver paint square does not fill the gap between “WEST” and “GERMANY”.  Finally, the Elektra logo, Compact Disc format logo, and all text could have been put down in a third step.  It is likely that the silver paint items were put down in two steps when one considers that the Elektra logo and Compact Disc format logo are not aligned properly with the silver target squares.

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go here West German Target of Queen The Game (Elektra, catalog number 64513-2).  This is a very rare variation with the catalog number shown as 64513-2.  The common West German Target of The Game shows the catalog number as 513-2, with 64513-2 in parentheses in very small print.  


watch queen-greatest-hits.jpg West German Target of Queen Greatest Hits (Elektra, catalog number 5E-564-2).  Since Queen was only on the Elektra label for a very short period of time during the CD era, all Queen Target CDs are highly sought after by collectors.  The Target of Greatest Hits is particularly rare and is in great demand.  


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Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight West German Target of Eddie Rabbitt Step by Step (Warner Bros., catalog number 64532-2).  This disc is very rare.  This is likely due in part to the fact that it was only issued in the U.S.  Step by Step was distributed on the Mercury label in Europe at the time that the Target was in print in the U.S.  Note that the Target shows the original Mercury catalog number of 800046-2 beneath the Warner Bros. catalog number.


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click West German Target of Ratt Out of the Cellar (Atlantic, catalog number 7 80143-2).  This disc is difficult to locate and is very popular among collectors.

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Tramadol Cheap Online West German Target of Rolling Stones Still Life (American Concert 1981) (Rolling Stones Records, catalog number 39113-2).  As this was the only Rolling Stones Target issued and is quite rare, it is very highly sought after by CD collectors and fans of the Rolling Stones.  Additionally, this is the only Target issued on Rolling Stones Records and is, therefore, the only disc to exhibit the combination of a red target and yellow paint coating.  

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source url West German Target of Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits (Asylum, catalog number 64106-2). This is a very rare variation with the catalog number shown as 64106-2. The common West German Target pressings of Greatest Hits show the catalog number as 106-2, with 64106-2 in parentheses in very small print.

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West German Target of Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits (Asylum, catalog number 64106-2).  This is an unusual variation of the disc shown above with silver text instead of the typical black text.  The disc with silver text is believed to be a manufacturing error.



West German Target of Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits (Asylum, catalog number E2-106). This is a very rare Target that was issued for the Columbia House mail-order music club.  Although the disc has “MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM” printed along the perimeter, it also has “MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO” stamped on the play side near the center hole.  The catalog number shown is typical of the format used over the years by Columbia House.




U.S. Target of Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits (Asylum, catalog number 106-2).  This disc was pressed in the U.S. by PDO.  As with other U.S. Targets, this disc is very rare.  Note the different text layout when compared to the West German Target CDs of Greatest Hits shown above.



purple blue lush life_350

West German Target of Linda Ronstadt Lush Life (Asylum, catalog number 9 60387-2).  This is a very rare color variation.  The common version bears a royal blue target and yellow paint coating.




U.S. Target of Roxy Music Avalon (Warner Bros./EG, catalog number 9 23686-2). Note that the disc does not actually say where it was made along the perimeter.  This is a very rare disc, and it is believed to be a U.S. pressing.  The inserts were printed in the U.S.




Japanese Target of David Sanborn Straight to the Heart (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 25150-2).  This is a rare variation.  Note that it has no paint coating.  The common Japanese Target of Straight to the Heart has a silver paint coating.




West German Target of Peter Schilling 120 Grad (WEA, catalog number 240 480-2).  This disc was only issued in Germany and is very difficult to find.  It is also highly sought after due to the popularity of Peter Schilling and because it is the only version of 120 Grad to have been released on CD.



U.S. Target of Franz Schubert Octet (Nonesuch, catalog number 9 79046-2).  This disc was pressed by Sanyo, as evidenced by “MANUFACTURED BY SANYO” stamped in the mirror band.  Note that the disc has “MADE IN U.S.A.” printed along the perimeter.  Like many other U.S. Target pressings, this disc is extremely rare.  An earlier Japanese Target pressing of Octet also exists.  It was pressed by Sanyo in Japan, and while rare, the Japanese pressing is more common than this U.S. pressing.



U.S. Target of Franz Schubert Octet (Nonesuch, catalog number E2 79046).  This is a rare issue for Columbia Record Club (a.k.a., Columbia House).  This is evidenced by “CRC” printed at 3 o’clock and the DIDY number at 9 o’clock (the DIDY designation was specific to Columbia House).  This disc was pressed by DADC.  It has “Made in USA – Digital Audio Disc Corp.” stamped on the plastic ring, and the matrix code is “DIDX 001727-2”.  Note also that the disc has “MADE IN U.S.A. BY DADC” printed along the perimeter.




West German Target of Tom Scott Desire (Elektra Musician, catalog number 9 60162-2).  Note the unique color combination of the royal blue target and silver paint coating.  This is a rare disc and is either a manufacturing error or a test copy.  A far more common version of Desire has a silver target and pink paint coating, which is the color combination found on all other Elektra Musician Target CDs.  This variation of Desire is the only Target that was made with the royal blue/silver color scheme.



West German Target of Carly Simon The Best of Carly Simon (Elektra, catalog number 109-2).  This is a very rare pressing by virtue of the orange target and silver paint coating.  These are the reverse colors when compared to the standard color scheme for Target CDs of Elektra titles.  Thus, the Target pressing The Best of Carly Simon is normally found with a silver target and orange paint coating. 




West German Target of Carly Simon Hello Big Man (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 23886-2).  This album has been out of print for a number of years, making the Target popular among collectors.  A later U.S. Non-Target of Hello Big Man is also in demand, but the Target, being the first issue and a Target, is more desirable.  Note that this Target CD has the typical Warner Bros. color scheme of a red target and silver paint coating.



West German Target of Carly Simon Hello Big Man (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 23886-2).  This is a very rare pressing with a silver Target and orange paint coating.  This is the color scheme associated with Target CDs on the Elektra label.  It is assumed that this pressing is the result of a manufacturing error.




U.S. Target of Jimmy Smith Off the Top (Elektra Musician, catalog number 9 60175-2). This disc was pressed in the U.S. by PDO and appears to have been pressed in very low quantities.  The more common West German Target is similar in appearance, with the text layout being the major difference.




West German Target of Rod Stewart Body Wishes (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 23877-2). The Target is the only CD issue of Body Wishes to have been released in the U.S.  A later German Non-Target was issued in Europe.  This Target is very rare.




West German Target of Stephen Stills Right by You (Atlantic, catalog number 7 80177-2). This album has been out of print for years, putting the Target in great demand.  A later U.S. Non-Target is also rare but is less desirable than the Target.




West German Target of Donna Summer Donna Summer (Warner Bros., catalog number 299 163).  This disc was issued in Europe and is scarce.  Collectors typically pay a significant premium for this disc.




Japanese Target of Donna Summer Cats Without Claws (WEA, catalog number 32XD-338). This disc was pressed by CBS/Sony for release in Japan and is very popular with collectors.  The magenta coating was used on only two other Target CDs — the Japanese issues of Phil Collins Face Value (Atlantic, catalog number 32XD-339) and Hello, I Must Be Going! (Atlantic, catalog number 32XD-340).




West German Target of Donna Summer Cats Without Claws (Geffen, catalog number 9 24040-2). This disc was issued in the U.S. and is the most common of the three Target issues of Cats Without Claws.  It is, however, scarce and in demand.




West German Target of Donna Summer Cats Without Claws (Warner Bros., catalog number 2 50806-2). This disc was issued in the Europe and is quite rare.




West German Target of James Taylor Sweet Baby James (Warner Bros., catalog number 1843-2). This is one of the rarest Targets in my collection and is very highly sought after.




West German Target of Toni Tennille More Than You Know (Mirage, catalog number 7 90162-2). The combination of the dark blue target and light blue coating was only used on the two Target CDs issued on the Mirage label — this disc and the very rare Target of Robin Gibb Secret Agent.




West German Target of Twisted Sister Stay Hungry (Atlantic, catalog number 7 80156-2).  This disc is quite rare and is also in great demand.