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Shown here are pictures of Target CDs from my collection for artists beginning with the letters M through P. Included are particularly rare discs and one believed to be a manufacturing error.




Japanese Target of Madonna Madonna (Sire, catalog number 9 23687-2). Note the unique color combination of the silver target and red coating.  This color combination was only used for this Target.  As a result of the unique appearance of this disc and the popularity of Madonna, this disc is quite desirable among collectors.




Japanese Target of Madonna Like a Virgin (Sire, catalog number 32XD-102).  This disc was pressed by CBS/Sony for release in Japan.  It has “CSR COMPACT DISC” repeating in the plastic ring, and the matrix code is “32XD-102 11A3 +++++”.  The combination of the black target and light blue coating was used only for Japanese issues of Like a Virgin.



Japanese Target of Madonna Like a Virgin (Sire, catalog number 32XP-102).  This CD is a Japanese issue similar to the Like a Virgin Target above, but note the different catalog number.  The disc was pressed by CBS/Sony.  It has “CSR COMPACT DISC” repeating in the plastic ring, and the matrix code is “32XP-102 11 +++++”.  This is an unusual Target issue.  With the exception of this CD, the 32XP series of WEA titles consists of U.S. and/or European CD issues repackaged for sale in Japan by the addition of an obi strip and Japanese lyric sheet.  In other words, this Like a Virgin Target is unique for the 32XP series in that it is a custom CD made for the Japanese market.  It has custom inserts and an obi strip bearing the 32XP catalog number.  This Target CD is considerably rarely than the 32XD Like a Virgin Target shown above.




West German Target of Manhattan Transfer The Best of Manhattan Transfer (Atlantic, catalog number 80085-2).  This Target appears to have been issued in Europe, Australia, and Japan.  In the U.S., a similar West German Target was issued under catalog number 19319-2.  For that issue, the catalog number 19319-2 appears on the disc and inserts.  For the issue shown here, catalog number 80085-2 appears on the disc and inserts.  A Japanese issue of this Target exists, whereby an obi strip and Japanese lyric sheet have been added to the standard 80085-2 issue.




West German Target of Matt Bianco Whose Side Are You On (WEA, catalog number 240 472-2).  This disc was issued in Europe and is quite scarce.




Japanese Target of Michael McDonald No Lookin’ Back (Warner Bros., catalog number 32XD-325).  This disc was pressed by CBS/Sony for release in Japan.  As no Target of this title was issued in other markets, this disc is particularly desirable.




West German Target of Bette Midler The Divine Miss M (Atlantic, catalog number 7238-2).  This disc is very rare.



Japanese Target of Bette Midler No Frills (Atlantic, catalog number 7 80070-2).  This disc was pressed by Sanyo, as evidenced by “MANUFACTURED BY SANYO JAPAN” stamped in the mirror band.  This Target CD appears to be very rare, as this is the only copy I am aware of. 



West German Target of Joni Mitchell Court and Spark (Asylum, catalog number 61001-2).  This is a very rare variation with the incorrect silver and orange color scheme. This is the color scheme associated with Target CDs on the Elektra label. The common Target of Court and Spark has a purple target and light blue coating.




Japanese Target of The Modern Jazz Quartet Reunion at Budokan 1981 (Atlantic, catalog number 38XD-3).  This disc was pressed in Japan by CBS/Sony for release in Japan.  It has “CSR COMPACT DISC” repeating in the plastic ring.  This Target is extremely rare.




West German Target of Van Morrison Moondance (Warner Bros., catalog number 3103-2).  This is a very rare Target and is highly sought after by collectors.




U.S. Target of Steve Morse Band The Introduction (Elektra Musician, catalog number 9 60369-2).  This disc was pressed in the U.S. by PDO, as evidenced by the text “Made in USA BY PDO” stamped along the perimeter.  It is very rare.  This disc is similar in appearance to the more common West German Target, the key difference being the layout of the text.




West German Target of Mötley Crüe Shout at the Devil (Elektra, catalog number 9 60289-2). This is a very rare variation with all text, the Elektra logo, and the CD format logo in silver. The common West German Target for this title has these items printed in black.




Japanese Target of Randy Newman Trouble in Paradise (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 23755-2). This is a very rare disc pressed by CBS/Sony.  It has “MANUFACTURED BY CBS/SONY RECORDS INC.” stamped on the clear plastic ring.  The West German Target of this title is considerably more common.



West German Target of Oasis Oasis (WEA, catalog number 240 372-2).  This is not the same Oasis band formed by the Gallagher Brothers.  This Target CD was released in Europe and is extremely difficult to find.  As such, it is very popular with collectors.  Two other versions of Oasis have been released on CD — a Japanese issue on WEA from the 1990s and a U.K. issue on the Pickwick label.  Both versions are considerably more common than the Target pressing, though the Japanese issue is scarce and is highly sought after by collectors.




West German Target of Graham Parker and the Shot Steady Nerves (Elektra, catalog number 9 60388-2).  Like the Mötley Crüe disc above, this is a rare variation with all text, the Elektra logo, and the CD format logo in silver.  The common West German Target for this title has these items printed in black.




Japanese Target of Prince 1999 (Warner Bros., catalog number 38XD-105).  This disc was pressed in Japan by CBS/Sony for release in Japan.  The color combination of the black target and gray coating was not used for the Japanese and West German Targets issued in other markets.  This disc is scarce and is highly desirable among Target and Prince collectors.




Japanese Target of Prince Purple Rain (Warner Bros., catalog number 32XD-316).  This disc was pressed in Japan by CBS/Sony for release in Japan.  This disc is rather rare, and as with the above 1999 Target, it is highly sought after by collectors.




German Target of Prince Purple Rain (Warner Bros., catalog number 925 110-2). This disc was issued in Europe shortly after the West German Target went out of print.  It is difficult to find.  Note that a German “Half-Target” of Purple Rain remains in print in Europe today and is considerably more common than the Target.  The Half-Target is similar in appearance to the disc above in that it has the four inner Target squares running horizontally but is missing the four outer Target squares at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.




French Target of Prince Purple Rain (Warner Bros., catalog number 9 25110-2). This disc was pressed in France by MPO for release in Europe and is very rare.