http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_about_ Cheap Soma Shipped Overnight No Prescription Shown here are pictures of Target CDs from my collection for artists beginning with the letters I through L. Featured are particularly rare discs.

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Doctor shopping for Soma prescription U.S. Target of INXS The Swing (Atco, catalog number 7 90160-2). This disc is presumably the first U.S. pressing and is quite scarce. As noted along the perimeter, this disc was pressed by PDO. It is very similar in appearance to the more common West German Target on the Atco label.

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enter inxs-the-swing-wea-target-2.jpg West German Target of INXS The Swing (WEA, catalog number 250 389-2). This disc was issued only in Australia and Japan and is quite rare. Although it has the typical design of WEA Target CDs issued in Europe, this disc was not issued in Europe. During the period when this disc was pressed, INXS albums were distributed by the Mercury label in Europe. As a result, the contemporary European issue of The Swing was a West German Non-Target pressing on Mercury. The catalog number for this Non-Target is 818 553-2, which is referenced on the WEA Target.

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Tramadol Online Uk Reviews al-jarreau-breakin-away-japan.jpg Japanese Target of Al Jarreau Breakin’ Away (Warner Bros., catalog number 3576-2). This disc is among a handful of Target CDs that were pressed at the CTA plant in Japan. In my experience, this Target CD is much more difficult to find than the West German Target. al-jarreau-high-crime-wea.jpg West German Target of Al Jarreau High Crime (WEA, catalog number 2 50807-2). This disc was issued in Europe and appears to be rarer than the West German Target issued in the U.S. on Warner Bros.

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source url West German Target of Michel Jonasz Tristesse (WEA, catalog number 240090-2).  This very rare disc was issued in France.  Tristesse is commonly found as a later German Non-Target pressing.

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U.S. Target of Howard Jones Dream Into Action (WEA, catalog number 240 632-2). Note the unusual color combination, which is essentially the opposite of that used on West German WEA Target CDs (light green target and purple coating versus purple target and green coating). This disc is very rare.




U.S. Target of Howard Jones Dream Into Action (WEA, catalog number 240 632-2). In comparison to the U.S. Dream Into Action disc pictured above, the color combination for this disc resembles the one displayed by West German WEA Target CDs.  Note, however, that this disc has black text as opposed to the silver text used on the West German WEA counterparts.  This U.S. Target is very rare.




West German Target of King Crimson Beat (Warner Bros./E’G, catalog number 9 23692-2). A West German Non-Target pressing was also issued under the same catalog number and is easier to find than the target in my experience.




West German Target of Kraftwerk Computer World (Warner Bros., catalog number 3549-2). This disc is highly desirable among collectors.




Japanese Target of Led Zeppelin “IV” (Atlantic, catalog number 250 008). This is one of the rarest Target CDs in my collection.  This particular disc is believed to be an early European issue by virtue of the catalog number.  The disc was pressed at the CBS/Sony plant.  It has “CSR COMPACT DISC” repeating in the plastic ring, and the matrix code is “DIDZ-10058 31A3”.  The inserts show catalog number 250 008.  This disc is much rarer than the West German Target pressings of this album.  Note that there is also a very rare and similar Japanese Target pressing bearing the original U.S. catalog number of 19129-2.




West German Target of Led Zeppelin “IV” (Atlantic, catalog number 250 008). This disc was issued in Europe and features the European catalog number of 250 008. The U.S. catalog number of 19129-2 appears in parentheses beneath the European catalog number. A West German Target made for the U.S. market and featuring catalog number 19129-2 is considerably more common than this European issue.



West German Target of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, catalog number 19130-2).  This is a very rare variation with black text.  The standard Houses of the Holy Target has silver text, like the Led Zeppelin “IV” Target shown above.  It is not known whether the black text was added in error or intentionally to test the color scheme.